Urban Fitness Speed Rope
Improve your speed, coordination and endurance in absolutely no time with the Urban Fitness Speed Rope. Thin handles with even weight distribution.
Urban Fitness Cable Jump Rope 3m - Silver
Improve your speed, coordination and endurance in no time with the Urban Fitness Jump Rope. The jump rope is compact and lightweight to help you achieve maximum fat burn, whilst also helping to tone your muscles and reach peak fitness....
  • Silver
Urban Fitness 2.7m Leather Jump Rope
Jump ropes are an essential piece of equipment for speed, endurance and coordination training. This Urban Fitness 2.7m Jump Rope is made of leather; making it ideal for jump rope beginners or those who aren't out to break speed records...
Urban Fitness High Grip Speed Rope
A lightweight speed rope benefiting from high grip handles which greatly improve slip resistance. Bearings in the handles ensure a smooth running rope for even faster skipping, ideal for improving speed, coordination and endurance. A lightweight speed rope benefiting from...
Urban Fitness Chin Up Bar
This multifunction exercise bar can be quickly installed into a doorway but can also be used on the floor for a variety of targeted training exercises. It is super versatile, easy to use and lightweight for easy transportation. The bar...
Urban Fitness 500kg Burst Resistance Swiss Gym Ball - Purple
Factory tested 500kg burst resistance. Helps relax muscles, remove tension and increase tone. Increases flexibility in abdominals, thighs and lower back. Improves posture and balance. Instructions and pump included.
from £21.95
  • Purple
  • Blue
  • Silver
Urban Fitness Pilates Ball Blue
Provides resistance for strength and rehabilitation exercises while helping you target and work on specific muscle groups. Excellent grip anti-burst material. Phthalate-free PVC. 150g.
Urban Fitness Core Gliding Discs 7inch (Set of 2)
Improve your core stability with the UFE sliding discs. A great addition to your Calisthenics fitness routine. Hard wearing plastic for use on all indoor surface. Soft foam offers great comfort and grip.
Urban Fitness Weighted Hula Hoop
The weighted Hula Hoop are ridged for deep muscle stimulation and all you to target, tighten and strengthen your core. Each hoop has a soft cover.
Urban Fitness Stability Cushion and Pump
The double-sided stability cushion has one smooth side and a raised pattern on the other, which gives a massage and sensory workout. Excellent for improving balance, coordination, physical instability, fatigueand pain. Inflate to the desired level with the included pump.
Urban Fitness Wobble Board
Excellent for improving balance and coordination. Helps increase core strength and abdominal muscles. Also good for rehabilitation after ankle and knee injuries.
Urban Fitness Push Up Bars
Set of two angled push-up bars with comfortable non-slip foam grips. Great for strengthening arms, chest and shoulders. The angled bar helps reduce stress on your wrists and forearms.
Urban Fitness Adjustable Aerobic Step - Charcoal/Green
The Urban Fitness Step allows for a high-intensity cardio workout without putting stress on your joints. It improves overall fitness by building strength , reducing fat, and boosting your cardiovascular health. Complete with 3 different heights to suit the required...
  • Charcoal/Green
Urban Fitness Rebound Ab Wheel
Building those rock-hard abs has never been easier Rebound Ab Roller Wheel! Equipped with a comfortable wheel, this ab roller was designed to provide killer ab workouts and give an overall toned look to them.
Urban Fitness Ab Roller
Dual wheeled Ab roller offers great stability, and is great for improving your core fitness. Grooved foam handles provide superb grip.
Urban Fitness 2m TPE Resistance Band - Blue
Made of durable, flexible latex-free TPE for long-lasting strength and performance. Ideal for everyday fitness, stretching, strength training and physical therapy. The bands help engage the muscles, making them work harder for an overall more intense workout. From hamstrings to...
from £4.95
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Green
Urban Fitness 11pc Resistance Tube Set
Includes all necessary accessories for more than 150 possible exercises for any muscle group, suitable for any fitness level.
Urban Fitness Safety Resistance Tube
Target muscles effectively with the Urban Fitness Resistance Tubes. Crafted with comfort grip foam handles, the resistance band can be utilised for a variety of exercises and assists with strengthening and sculpting multiple muscle groups at the same time.
Urban Fitness Adjustable Spring Grip
Allows you to set the desired resistance from 10 to 40kg. The grip can then be easily adjusted as your requirements change.
Urban Fitness Resistance Loops
Heavy-duty. Help build strength and improve mobility. With resistance band training, every part of the exercise has resistance, resulting in a better range of motion strength. 100% natural latex. Circumference: 208mm.
from £9.95
Urban Fitness Fabric Resistance Band Loop - 2m
The Urban Fitness 2mm Fabric resistance bands are durable and strong Exercise Loop Bands with non-slip technology. Choose from 4 Resistance Levels. Ideal for workouts such as Pilates, Squats, Lunges, Glutes & Full Body Workout. The compact design makes these...
Urban Fitness Resistance Band Loop 12 Inch
UFE Resistance Loop Bands are suitable for all fitness levels, being ideal for yoga, Pilates, stretching exercises, fitness programs and can also be used for physical therapy and rehabilitation. 100% Natural Latex, ideal to have with you at any time.
Urban Fitness Resistance Band Loop (Set of 5) 10 Inch
Suitable for all fitness levels, with each band having a different resistance level. Ideal for yoga, Pilates, stretching exercises, fitness programs and can also be used for physical therapy and rehabilitation. 100% natural latex. Set of five.
Urban Fitness Resistance Band 1.5m
Latex resistance bands are ideal for improving strength, resistance workouts and rehabilitation. An ideal training aid while travelling. Length: 1.5m.
from £4.95
Urban Fitness Fabric Resistance Band Loop - 15"
Durable and strong Exercise Loop Bands with non-slip technology choose from 4 Resistance Levels. Ideal for Hips, Glutes , hamstrings, quads and calves, making these exercise bands all you need for a full lower body routine.
Urban Fitness Fabric Resistance Band Loop (Set of 3) 15 Inch
The set of which features 3 different strengths of resistance will help you hit your goals by pushing you from beginner to being able to use the expert band to make those workouts harder.
Precision Speed Sled
Straight line speed device. Build power with resisted sprinting. Includes sled, heavy-duty harness and connecting leads. Pole diameter: 1". A maximum load of 70kg is recommended. Weight not included.
Precision Leg Toner
Helps to maintain proper body positioning for lateral movements and strengthens the muscles responsible for lateral speed. Padded ankle collars with adjustable touch fastener fit and strong, durable stretchy connector band. Includes carry bag.
Precision Balance Board
Train your way back to full fitness and integrate balance into every aspect of sports performance or rehabilitation. Heavy-duty plastic construction.
Precision Evasion Belt
The attacker tries to break away from the defender during multi-directional quickness drills, by ripping the touch fastener tab on the 5' umbilical between the two. One size fits all.
Precision Power Speed Parachute
Chute with padded waist belt. Applies even resistance. Improves speed, strength and resistance. Span approx. 36". Suitable for distances from 10m up to 200m.
Precision Power Speed Resister
This harness system uses partner controlled resistance. Suitable for short sprints, lateral shuffles and explosive forward and backward movements. Nylon harness and webbing, padded shoulder strap.
Precision Pro Dual Speed Chute
Dual parachute with padded waist belt. Improves speed and strength and provides increased resistance. Suitable for distances from 10m up to 200m
Precision Pro Quick Release Belt
This harness system uses partner controlled resistance. Suitable for short sprints and explosive forward movements. Pulling the red cord releases partner.
Precision Soccer Skills Net (single)
Mini collapsible 8' net similar to a tennis court net. Height approx. 30". Helps improve skills in training sessions. Ideal for head tennis and one-touch tennis. Supplied with a bag.
Urban Fitness Wrist / Ankle Weights
Increase the intensity of your workout and strengthen your muscles with these Urban Fitness ankle and wrist weights, excellent aid for jogging and other aerobic exercises. Set of two weights with easy to use touch fastener locking system. Great for...
from £11.95
Urban Fitness 5pc Essential Set
The Urban Fitness Essential Set is the ideal starter set containing: Urban Fitness Drawstring Bag. Lightweight bag with drawstring closure and a front compartment for additional storage. Hexagon dobby rip stop material. Size: 48 x 35cm. 2 Litre. Urban Fitness...
Urban Fitness Resistance Bar Kit
The Exercise Resistance Bar Kit stick can be helpful when doing yoga and Pilates exercises, improving posture and helping you lose weight. Suitable for yoga stretching exercises and resistance band exercises. Low impact to prevent injuries. Lightweight and portable. Easy...
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