Murphy’s Gaelic Match Ball

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Murphy’s Gaelic Match Balls are made of the highest quality. Suitable for all Match and training environments.


  • Made with a blend of natural and synthetic rubber, calculated to give the best grip in all weather conditions.
  • With an all-weather construction, to keep the team playing regardless of the elements or pitch.
  • Advanced technology Nitrile bladder gives 3 time more air retention.
  • Silica reinforced rubber technology for longer shape retention and giving more tack on the ball
  • Back laminated with multi layers core spun Polyester cotton
  • Fitted with 3 layer bladder - having 3 times more Air retention power than normal bladder
  • Hand stitched ball for extra strength and durability
  • Weight: Size 5: 490grams, Size 4: 410grams.
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