Precision Top Bins Target & Ball Bag
Precision Top Bins Target & Ball Bag is a 2 in 1 top bins target and ball bag all rolled in to one. Simply carry your balls on to the pitch, empty the balls and strap the target to the...
Precision Training Target Shot
Excellent training tool for perfecting shooting skills, an essential for any striker. Easily assembled with adjustable straps on top & sides. Steel chain at the bottom for stability. Made of durable heavy-duty mesh and nylon fabric. Comes with own carry...
from £149.95
Precision Football Goalnets Carry Bag
Holds one pair of goal nets. Two compartments with mesh panels at the ends for ventilation and full zip openings. External pocket for holding net pegs. Two long handles. Colour: black.
Precision Indoor Rubber Bases (Set of 3)
Heavyweight rubber bases designed to keep all indoor goals in place.
Precision "Fold-a-Goal" (Set of 2)
For recreational use only. Ideal for small pitches and small sided games. Goals fold down easily without dismantling and spring back into shape. Supplied with ground pegs and carry bag.
from £39.95
Precision Pop-Up Goals (Set)
Nylon mesh. Ideal for small sided games. Easy to assemble and collapse. Comprises 2 goals, ground anchor pegs and carry bag.
from £32.95
Precision Ground Anchors
Precision Ground Anchor, ensuring all nets or sporting equipment is safely secured to the ground.
Precision Multi Sport Practise Net (7' x 7')
Practise your Swing, Bowling, Batting, Pitching with this easy to assemble and durable Multi-sport practise net.Quick and easy setup Pop-up design will get you practising in minutes.Made from high quality 20mm PE 3ply hardwearing square netting and strong bungee attached...
Precision Deluxe Sand Bag
An invaluable tool for securing items to the ground. Holds up to 20kg of sand. Supplied unfilled.
Precision Net Fabric Fasteners (Roll of 24)
Pre-cut double sided touch fastener. 24 x 12" pieces on a roll (sufficient for one goal net).
Precision Top Bins Corner Target
Precision Top Bins Corner Target are designed to help with shooting accuracy and proficiency in front goal. Comes in a set of 2 and can be placed in the top or bottom corners of any size goal. Suitable for a...
Precision Easyclips (Pack of 80)
Fastclip plastic clips for fixing goal nets to posts. Pack of 80.
Precision Fastclips (Pack of 80)
Fastclip plastic clips for fixing goal nets to posts. Pack of 80.
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