Midwest Basketball Shot Returner System
The Midwest Basketball Shot returner is an essential piece of equipment for Basketball training, on the court or at home. Whether it’s a two or three pointer, the returner will make sure the ball returns to your shooting position every...
Midwest Pro Basketball Stand (8ft, 9ft,10ft)
The Midwest Pro Basketball Stand is ideal for all ages to enjoy. With it's adjustable height, everyone can get involved in the game. The water fill base allows for great sturdiness, and the wheels allow for easy maneuvering. You'll be...
Midwest Junior Basketball Stand (5ft - 8ft)
The Midwest Junior Basketball Net is the perfect choice for young aspiring basketball players. Durable, stable and portable, making it ideal for playing with friends and family. Metal tube assembled height 5ft (160cm) - 8ft (255cm). Tube dia. 4.5CM &...
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