Urban Fitness Massage Roller 33 x 14cm
UFE Massage Roller improves core stability, strength and balance. Relaxes muscles and improves circulation. Excellent for rehabilitation exercises after injury.
Urban Fitness 2 in 1 Massage Roller Set - Black/Silver
UFE 2 in 1 black and silver Massage Roller, giving a deep and targeted massage. Good for strengthening. Include in rehabilitation exercise's to aid recovery. Outer Roller - ABS Roller. Inner Roller - Foam Roller.
  • Black/Silver
Urban Fitness Ab Roller
Dual wheeled Ab roller offers great stability, and is great for improving your core fitness. Grooved foam handles provide superb grip.
Urban Fitness Dual Sided Massage Roller
The Dual Sided Massage Roller on your body helps to apply pressure and to work out the knots in your muscles.This aids in the recovery of your muscles to normal function. Featuring 4 independent rollers, you'll be able to effectively...
Urban Fitness EVA Peanut Roller
Design is perfect for rolling out tight muscles. The dip allows the ball to get close into your muscles, without putting pressure on your spine. Also great to use for massaging your neck, shoulders, hips, glutes, hamstrings and calves. Ideal...
Urban Fitness Foot Massage Roller - Turquoise/Grey
The UFE Foot Massage Roller improves blood circulation, speeds up recovery time from injury. Achieves a deep massage effect. The foot massage roller is great to massage tired and achy feet. Just simply rolling your feet on the roller will...
  • Turquoise/Grey
Urban Fitness Vibration Peanut Roller
Our Peanut roller has 3 independent massage rollers that are mounted on the vibrating core. Giving a very versatile vibrating roller that can be targeted more easily at the right areas. 3 vibration intensities, controlled by the one button controller...
Urban Fitness Vibrating Foam Roller
The powerful vibrating foam roller for athletes. Rolling out muscles, coupled with knock-out vibrations, improves mobility and flexibility while helping break up crippling muscle tension.
Urban Fitness Deep Massage Roller
Deep tissue massage roller, helps recovery and prevention of injury. Lightweight and portable.
Urban Fitness Foam Massage Roller - White/Black
Ideal for improving core stability, strength and balance. Relaxes muscles and improves circulation. Excellent for rehabilitation exercises. Made from high density EPP. Ideal for reliving aching and tense muscles. The roller can improve performance and speed up recovery. Relaxes muscles,...
  • White/Black
Urban Fitness EVA Mini Massage Roller - Black
The key to better sport and workout performance. The Urban Fitness mini massage roller relieves tight muscles and targets fascia management. Portable and easy to use, perfect for before and after exercise. Portable and easy to use. Perfect for both...
  • Black
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